Live! from Home: Hips & Abs in a Flash

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20 minute hour glass23 min
Level Level 1
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconJill

Our goal here is that in just 23-short minutes, you will be stretched, strengthened, more relaxed, and more open to God. If this is your goal too, join Jill for “Hips and Abs in a Flash.” This level 1 class begins seated for deep breathing, gratefulness, side-bends, and twists, followed by a few rolls into a standing hanging position. After opening your arms for your first bodily prayer posture and asking God, “Lord, teach me to pray,” you will swan-dive right into pike pose and some low-lunges with rotations. Although the workout includes exercises to stretch and strengthen every major muscle group, you may notice a focus on your hips (in kneeling side extension with added variations) and your abs (in seated positions reminiscent of V-sit). You will enter a modified upward plank and seated hip-release to relax and stretch the areas you have strengthened. During your seated inner thigh stretch, Jill will read a meditation about how prayer puts you in touch with God Who alone can satisfy your desire for happiness.

Physical Focus:

Hips & Abs

Spriritual Focus:

Why Pray?


Holy Family School of Faith, Daily Rosary Meditation, Why Pray?, February 7, 2021. Used with Permission.

Patron Saint:

Our Lady of Lourdes


The Nobertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey (