Pietra Fitness Instructor Training (P-FIT™)

P-FIT: A Formative Approach


P-FIT™ is an online training course for those who wish to be Certified Pietra Fitness Instructors. 
P-FIT™ is a comprehensive, whole-person certification program that will equip you to lead PF classes with skill and confidence while affording you the convenience of studying at home.


Our certification process is not merely educative in nature.  It is not simply a bullet list of projects and classes to be checked off.  It cannot be completed over a long weekend at a training seminar.  Rather, our certification process is formative, and like our classes, it is designed to integrate body, mind, soul, and spirit.  Training to become a Pietra Fitness instructor is a commitment.  It requires time, fortitude, humility, intellectual capacity, and spiritual formation.


Pietra Fitness exists to help people increase their faith, health, and well-being through Catholic prayer and spirituality and the physical practice of stretching and strengthening postures.  At Pietra Fitness we echo the church’s teaching that true health includes mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Through God’s grace, we will promote optimum health for the whole human person so that we, like St. Matthew, can say, “But it did not collapse—it had been set solidly on rock” (Matthew 7: 24-25).

Please pray and discern if God is calling you to join the Pietra Fitness family.  If indeed God is calling you to join our team, we welcome you with open arms and are grateful to God for you and your willingness to serve Him in this beautiful way.  Your journey to become a certified Pietra Fitness instructor will have several components:

  1. Pietra Fitness Experience: You need to participate in enough classes to get a feel for what we do and to learn the format.  There are online classes for all of the levels in Pietra Fitness for you to practice with as you go through the training.
  2. Intellectual Training: This will include elements such as basic anatomy and the way the body the moves, teaching methodology, communication skills, general wellness, and learning the exercises used in Pietra Fitness.
  3. Spiritual Formation: This includes courses and readings on the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. You will also learn about daily prayer and meditation as well as the virtues in Catechism Courses by the Holy Family School of Faith in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS.
  4. Reflection and Response: Being fully human necessitates responding to the people and the world around us – and being able to communicate our response in truth, wisdom, and love.  Pietra Fitness instructors should understand the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of students and respond in an authentic, articulate, and appropriate way.
  5. Practice Teaching: Throughout the training, you will be asked to Practice Teach with family and/or close friends.  It is here that you will gain real experience that accompanies the theoretical training, practice techniques learned, and gain confidence and ease in front of a class.
  6. Relationships: True education is life to life transfer, so you will have the opportunity to join our 9 Month Group Certification, where we meet online once a month and go through the training together.  Click to learn more about the 9 Month Online Group Certification.  We have a new session starting in January 2019!
  7. On-going Formation: For established instructors to keep their certification current, they must participate in on-going formation and communication with the rest of the team. Pietra Fitness certification designates that you are part of a team whose training is never complete.  There is always something more we can learn from the Church, the writings of the saints, the world of health and fitness, and each other.  Each instructor must demonstrate the continued desire to grow and learn as part of the Pietra Fitness team.


Cost of P-FIT & What Is Included

The cost of P-FIT is $1200 for those in the U.S.  Payment is due before training can begin, but let us know if you need to set up a payment plan.  If you are outside of the U.S., please contact us. We would love to help you take our online training!

This cost includes:

  • P-FIT Training Manual
  • Course Study Guides and Review Worksheets
  • Video Lectures & Video Classes
  • A set of “In Conversation With God” by Fr. Francis Fernandez
  • A San Damiano Crucifix that you will use in every class and while you study
  • Prayer Card/Bookmark
  • Continued support from Pietra Fitness
  • Gentle, Level 1 & Level 2 DVDs
  • One 1 ½ – 2 hr. one-on-one online Posture Conference part way through the study  (9 Month Online Group Study is done as a group)
  • Online Oral Exam (9 Month Online Group Study is done online as a group)
  • Upon passing the Oral Exam, participant will take an online monitored Practical Exam. 
  • Shipping and handling!
  • A Pietra Fitness Instructor wall certificate  (upon passing both the oral and practical examinations and providing proof of current CPR/AED certification).
  • First year’s license to lead Pietra Fitness classes.  First payment of $120.00 is due one year from certification date.



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