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featuring Christian prayer and meditation in the Catholic tradition.

What is Pietra Fitness?

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Pietra (meaning “rock” in Italian) is a word that reminds us of the importance of a solid foundation when building anything that is to have strength, stability, and longevity.  At Pietra Fitness, our “whole person” workouts are built upon this concept.  We utilize physical exercise to promote core strength as a solid physical foundation for the rest of the body.  For the soul, our workouts include prayer and meditations built upon the strongest of foundations: the rock of Christ and His Church.  This powerful combination truly benefits the entire human person – restoring harmony and wholeness to both body and soul.

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Expert Analysis

What is Christian meditation? How is Christian meditation different than other forms of meditation? Watch this video by Dan Burke, founder of Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction, and Father John Bartunek discussing true Christian meditation. You can check out Dan’s website at Fr. Ezra Sullivan, O.P., addresses the topic of Christians and yoga in this presentation to a group of parishioners in Cincinnati, OH. He presents the reasons some Christians practice yoga, as well as objections to practicing yoga. Fr. Ezra has done his research, and he finishes his talk with clear conclusions based on Catholic teachings. While the video is lengthy, it is informative and entertaining… well worth watching!

Pietra Fitness is Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.