Boundless Beauty

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30 minute hour glass36 min
Gentle Difficulty IconLevel Gentle
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconTara

Join Tara in sunny Florida for this calming beachside workout. You will begin Boundless Beauty in a comfortable cross-legged seated position, engaging your core while focusing on your breath and drawing yourself into the present moment. Through a flow of stretches, gentle twists, modified push ups, chestlifts, squats, and more, you will engage every muscle in your body while recognizing that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures and meditations will help you appreciate the beauty that is all around you and invite you to be a bearer of beauty to the world. By the end of the 36-minute class, you will feel strong, confident, and relaxed. NOTE: At times it may be hard to hear Tara because of the ocean waves.

Physical Focus:


Spriritual Focus:



Based on “Gazing at the Beauty of the Lord,” Thomas Dubay

Patron Saint:

St. Gianna