Build the Cathedral of You™

You are a living cathedral. Becoming the cathedral God created you to be begins with building a solid foundation—physically, mentally, and spiritually. Pietra Fitness exists to help you do just that. By combining stretching and strengthening exercises with Christian prayer and mediation, Pietra Fitness workouts enrich your body, mind, and soul so you can glorify God with your entire being.
Pietra Fitness - Body


The physical exercises used in Pietra Fitness classes are designed to increase your flexibility, develop your muscle and core strength, and increase your range of motion, posture, and stability.
Pietra Fitness - Mind


Many mind-body-soul workouts attempt to help you relax your mind by having you empty it. God designed your mind to be used, not emptied. Pietra Fitness workouts will calm your mind—but they will also engage your mind, helping you focus on Christ and get the most out of your workout.
Pietra Fitness - Soul


Caring for your body and mind is necessary, but the health of your soul is most important. To nourish your soul, Pietra Fitness classes incorporate bodily prayer as well as Christian prayers and meditations that focus on themes such as peace, trust, joy, and living in the present moment.


Pietra Fitness workout videos fit your schedule and skill level and help you achieve your goals.

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Your Schedule

Whether you have twenty minutes or an hour, Pietra Fitness classes will get you moving. Workout from home first thing in the morning, while the baby is napping, after a long day at work, or whenever is convenient for you.
Pietra Fitness Class Levels

Your Skill Level

New to Pietra Fitness or have physical limitations? Ease into your practice with our Gentle classes. If workouts like Pietra Fitness are already part of your fitness regime, check out the Level 1 and Level 2 classes.
Pietra Fitness Goals

Your Goals

Want to reduce stress or wind down after a long day? Increase your core strength and flexibility? Grow in virtue? Deepen your faith? Start a morning workout habit? Pietra Fitness is exactly what you need.

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“It has been amazing to feel a spiritual connection through the physical movements!”

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Discover the important differences between Pietra Fitness and yoga—and why Pietra Fitness is not “Catholic yoga.”

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