Pietra Fitness is a unique whole-person fitness program that integrates physical exercise with Christian prayer and meditation. Each of the flow-style workouts will have you moving from pose to pose, pausing at times to hold various positions. Whether you enjoy doing Level 1 classes or you like to mix it up, each of the workouts includes exercises that will lengthen and strengthen your body and Scripture that will nourish your soul. By the end of each class, you will feel calmer, stronger, refreshed, and renewed.

Class Levels


If you’re looking to relieve stress and anxiety, these classes are for you. Incorporating both floor work and standing exercises with slow transitions, the peaceful pace and movements of these workouts gently promote strength, flexibility, and improved balance. These calm and relaxing classes are appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities, including seniors and those with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Gentle classes are also a great way to start your day, wind down at night, or complement your normal workouts.

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PF Rock Pose with a group in a class
Group Side Plank doing Pietra Fitness

Level 1

Building upon the basic movements in Gentle classes, Level 1 classes will revitalize your body and soul with a combination of floor work, standing exercises, and balancing postures. Transitions are quicker and more frequent, and strengthening postures are held for longer periods of time. When you are done, you will feel strong, relaxed, and invigorated.

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Level 2

These challenging classes focus on building endurance and refining the fundamental postures introduced in Gentle and Level 1 classes. With difficult sequences and strong transitions, Level 2 classes are best to try after you are comfortable with Level 1 workouts. Level 2 classes are designed to promote muscle strength and control, as well as flexibility, balance, and improved muscular endurance.

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Pietra Fitness V Sit - Advanced Difficulty

Specialty Classes

PF Rock Pose with a group in a class


As the name suggests, this class is practiced sitting in a chair or standing while using a chair for support. If traditional classes with floor mats are uncomfortable for you because of age, instability, or other limitations, this workout is perfect for you. Through gentle movements, you’ll gain strength, flexibility, and stability. Stay tuned for online classes. In the meantime, check with your local instructor to find out if they offer chair classes.