6 Healthy (and Delicious) Snack Recipes to Enjoy this Summer

Whether you find yourself at the pool, the beach, or a cookout with friends this summer you’re going to need some snacks. And in order to keep up with your health goal during the summer months, you will want to choose delicious and nutritious snacks over the allure of seasonal junk food.

5 Simple Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy this Summer

It’s summertime and livin’ isn’t always easy. With the summer beginning, you might face some challenges maintaining the healthy habits you cultivated earlier in the year but with these five simple tips, you can keep yourself on track.

Workouts that Strengthen Your Lower Body

Everyday movements like walking, running, jumping dancing, even lifting and throwing depend on a strong lower body. Keep reading for some powerful fitness routines that can help you strengthen this crucial muscle group and keep your body functioning at its best.

Unique Ways to Honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus in June

In June, the Church remembers and celebrates the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sacred Heart is a profound reminder of the humanity of our Lord and of His immense love for us. It is often depicted as a heart, bloodied and broken, but burning with Love. This image beautifully illustrates the great sacrifice that Christ made for you.

Creating an Effective Evening Fitness Routine

You want to get serious about creating a daily fitness routine, but maybe you’re just not a morning person. If exercising before you begin the day isn’t an option, creating an evening exercise routine is a good alternative that will help your body feel its best.

Diet or Lifestyle?

With bathing suit season coming up, you might feel the pressure to shed a few pounds fast. Going on a diet might seem like an effective way to achieve the look you desire, but is it really worth it?

How to Create an Effective Morning Workout Routine to Revitalize Your Day

Working out in the mornings offer some incredible benefits, including feeling more energetic, more focused, and less stressed for the rest of the day. Check out these tips to create an effective morning workout routine that will revitalize your daily life.

Easter isn’t Over Yet!

We just celebrated the most important (and beautiful) Mass of the entire year - the Easter Vigil. But how can we embrace the spirit of this new liturgical season for the next fifty days?

Powerful Upper Body Workouts to Build Strength

Strength training, especially of the upper body, has a place in every well-rounded fitness routine. Not only does it help you achieve a desired physique but it also enhances so much of your everyday movement.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that is often overlooked yet offers many health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s easy to fit into your day; and even just walking 30 minutes a day can. . .

Ideas for Lent that Will Fill Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Still not sure what to do over these next forty days to make them as fruitful as possible? Here are 12 ideas for Lent that will fill your body, mind, and soul and help ready you for encountering the Resurrected Christ.

Hiding in the Spiritual Life

One of the tragic effects of original sin is that we tend to hide from God. As soon as Adam and Eve sinned, they felt both naked and ashamed.

6 Ways to Eat Healthier in 2021

A new year always offers a fresh start, and for many of us, that means re-evaluating our food choices. While we can make positive change any time of year...

How to Start Your Fitness Journey

So, you’ve decided to commit to your fitness goals this new year. Congratulations! You’re at the start of a healthier, happier you.

Start the New Year Off Right

Ah, the start of a new year-- bright and shiny with the promise and hope of good things to come. But is January 1st really any different from December 31st? Will this next year be the best yet?

The Surprising Upsides of a Covid-19 Christmas

Social distancing. Cancelled events. Little (if any) time with extended family. After nine months of the many precautions that have accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic...

Preparing Your Heart for Christmas

Advent is the liturgical season of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas, but it is easy for the significance of Advent to be lost amidst the chaos surrounding the holidays. So how can we reclaim this holy season?

Keeping up with Exercise: Even During the Holiday Season

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the holiday season, it’s easy to forget about your fitness goals until the new year rolls around. Don’t let your workouts become like the Ghost of Christmas Past. . .

Cultivating Gratitude

It's difficult at times to find things to be thankful for, or to feel gratefulness rather than dissatisfaction. But Gratitude can not only positively affect our lives (and health) but also deepen our relationship with God and the people around us.

Smart Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch

Eating a healthy lunch helps sustain you through the rest of the day and sets you up for eating a healthy dinner, yet often we choose something quick and easy over something nourishing (if we remember to eat lunch at all!)

Church Dedications Each Month

The Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church gives shape and meaning to the year, allowing us to order our days more toward God. But the liturgical feasts are just the beginning. . .

5 Simple Tips to Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for life. It makes up about 60% of the human person and plays a major role in making sure your body’s systems stay healthy and functioning.

Strengthening Your Hip Muscles

When it comes to fitness, strengthening hips are probably not high on your agenda. And often enough, the hips aren’t a part of the body that we really think about until they start to bother us.

Patron Saints for Your Workouts

Have you ever struggled with motivation when it comes to your fitness journey? Thankfully, the Catholic Church offers us the greatest examples of courage: the saints.
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