Live! from Home: Feel the Burn

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30 Minute Hour Glass Icon55 min
Level Level 1
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconBetsy

Get ready to work your core, glutes, and inner and outer thighs in Live! from Home: Feel the Burn. This lively 55-minute class has it all: breathwork, stretches, crunches, planks, leg lifts, lunges, pushups, tricep extensions, quad strengtheners, and unique exercises that utilize a small fitness ball (or block) to engage every muscle in your body. Whether you’re eking out the last rep or flowing between standing, kneeling, prone, and supine postures, there’s never a dull moment in this Level 1 workout. The Scriptures and meditations invite you to listen more intently for God’s voice and challenge you to be more willing to accept God’s will no matter how it is delivered to you.

Physical Focus:


Spriritual Focus:

Docility to God's Will


Holy Family School of Faith, Daily Rosary for July 11, 2020: 5 Step Strategy for Joy. Pope Francis, Pope: Docility, not resistance, to the Holy Spirit builds the church

Patron Saint:

St. Mary Magdalene; St. Patrick


The Nobertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey (

Suggested Props:

9" Exercise Ball or Block