Live! from Home: Hip Hip Hooray

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30 minute hour glass42 min
Level Level 2
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconJill

Are tight hips preventing you from walking, running, and moving with ease? Stretch and strengthen your hips and hip flexors with this 42-minute Level 2 workout. You’ll flow through postures and exercises like hip circles, pike split, low lunge, squats, elevated chest lift on toes, lunges, open arabesque, standing linked backbend, and more that not only target your hips but also work your entire body from head to foot. Live! from Home: Hip Hip Hooray is a quick way to get your heart pumping, build strength and balance, and loosen tight muscles. Feel free to make modifications as necessary to fit your skill level—it’s better to feel a gentle stretch than to push yourself to the point of strain or pain. The Scriptures and meditations remind you that we need to work on patience in this fast-paced world.

Physical Focus:


Spriritual Focus:

Having patience in this fast-paced world


Holy Family School of Faith, 30 Days to Deeper Prayer. Volume 3, Day 12, Not so fast. Holy Family School of Faith

Patron Saint:

St. Peter


The Nobertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey (

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