Live from Home: Resilient Hamstrings

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20 minute hour glass27 min
Level Level 1
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconJill Alt

The hamstrings are a group of muscles on the back of the leg from about the knee up to the pelvis. Strong and flexible hamstrings are essential for avoiding injury as well as for everyday movement. If your hamstrings require a bit of attention, join Jill for this 27-minute class that is sure to strengthen as well as lengthen them. The meditation will have you letting God do what He needs to do to make things grow.

Physical Focus:


Spriritual Focus:

Letting God do What He Needs to Do


Fr. Ben O’Cinnsealaigh, Pastor of Our Lady of Victory Parish, Cincinnati, OH, based on his column for the week of June 13, 2021.

Patron Saint:

St. Theresa of Portugal


The Nobertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey (