Live! from Home: Strength for the Sojourner

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30 minute hour glass37 min
Level Level 2
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconJill

During this 37-minute, level 2 class with Jill, your balance and pelvic floor will be challenged and strengthened while your hip muscles and tendons will be relaxed and lengthened. You will begin in PosturePpose, with deep breathing and thoughts of gratitude and placing yourself in God’s presence when other thoughts disturb you. The warm-up includes a flow to hands and knees for Arch and Round leading into a series that will stretch your sides, your shoulders, and your hips. The workout consists of 2 separate sets of flows that move quickly and seamlessly and include the following poses: Pike, Pike Split (with hip stretch added), Elevated Chest Lift (both on toes and on tops of feet), Side Plank (with optional leg lifts), Hip Release with push-ups, deep squat, Open Arabesque, Angle Pose, and Lunge 2. Jill also adds a variation to hands and knees posture that will move “hands and knees” from a gentle class posture to a level 2 class posture! As you move into Hip Release for your long hold, you will meditate on being a sojourner on this earth whose true home and destination is your heavenly homeland. The instrumental music in this class begins softly and has a more energizing feel during the workout; and, of course, the class ends with peaceful Gregorian chant to help you relax and pray during the quiet pose.

Physical Focus:


Spriritual Focus:

We are sojourners on this earth


Holy Family School of Faith, Rosary Meditation for November 6, 2020, Strangers and Sojourners. Used with permission.

Patron Saint:

St. Agostina


The Nobertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey (