Surrender Novena Day 7

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30 minute hour glass34 min
Level Level 1
Pietra Fitness Instructor IconTekla

Your body should be feeling good and ready to move after yesterday’s easier Day 6 workout. Begin this 34-minute class lying on your back, practicing deep belly breathing, focusing on gratitude, and calling to mind your intentions for this novena. When you’re ready, warm up with a full-body stretch before rolling up to seated to stretch your triceps, sides, and back. Briefly come to hands and knees and then transition to pike, pedaling your feet to loosen up the backside of your body. Flow into low lunge and shift your weight back to stretch your hamstring before coming to plank elevated chest lift on toes. Briefly work on your balance and open up your hip with a quad stretch, and then move right into your second flow: low lunge with a twist, high lunge with pulses, and a plank. Open up your hips with knee stack, making modifications if necessary, and then extend your legs in seated engaged for the long hold. The Scriptures, prayers, and meditations throughout this workout will remind you that Jesus still performs miracles today and invite you to ask God for help with whatever is troubling you.

Physical Focus:


Spriritual Focus:

Surrendering everything to God


Surrender Novena Day 7

Patron Saint:

St. Mother Theodore Guerin


Surrender, J’abandonne tout, Alles überlasse ich Jesus, by Francesca LaRosa (, Missa in Die-Introit, by The Nobertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey (