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Are you passionate about helping people improve their overall health?

Would you like to inspire others to dive deeper into their Catholic faith? Do you want everyone to experience the life-changing benefits of Pietra Fitness workouts? Become a certified Pietra Fitness instructor. You’ll not only help men and women strengthen their minds, bodies, and souls, but also enrich your own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The P-FIT Experience

At Pietra Fitness, we believe in building solid foundations. Our whole-person workouts are based on this concept—and so is our Pietra Fitness Instructor Training (P-FIT). That’s why P-FIT is not just another go-at-it-alone certification program. It’s a 9-month online group training program that integrates spiritual and intellectual formation, at-home study and practice, and monthly video study sessions with Pietra Fitness instructors from across the country. Upon completing P-FIT, you will be fully equipped to lead Pietra Fitness classes with confidence!

Woman performing Pietra Fitness stretching her back and legs

“P-FIT provided me with excellent well-rounded and well-balanced training while deepening my own Catholic spirituality.”

— Addys S.

What You Will Learn

The comprehensive P-FIT curriculum consists of twelve modules, in which you will learn . . .

  • Christian meditation
  • Proper breathing
  • Basic human anatomy and nutrition
  • Ways in which the body moves
  • How to effectively lead a Pietra Fitness class
  • Good posture and proper alignment
  • Stretching techniques
  • Modifications, including how to use props
  • Bodily prayer
  • Poses used in Pietra Fitness
  • How to manage your Pietra Fitness business
  • More about your faith through two catechism studies

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A woman stretching

“Thanks to this program and the awesome instructors, I have not only strengthened myself physically but spiritually as well.”

— Jane Y.

What It Includes

The P-FIT certification program includes . . .

  • P-FIT Training Manual
  • Study guides and review worksheets
  • Monthly video conferencing sessions
  • Online practice classes
  • In Conversation with God set
  • San Damiano Crucifix to use in every class and while you study
  • Pietra Fitness Gentle, Level 1, and Level 2 DVDs
  • Continued support from Pietra Fitness

. . . and much more! Plus, shipping is free.

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woman stretching before watching an online pietra fitness video

“P-FIT was above and beyond what I expected! The initial package was impressive with all the materials —materials that I will use for a lifetime!”

— Lori K.

How Much It Costs

The entire P-FIT program, including all the materials, is $1,500. This cost is less than many other specialized fitness certification programs, yet you get so much more—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Payment is due before you begin training, but let us know if you need to set up a payment plan. If you live outside the US, please contact us for P-FIT pricing.

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Just as Jesus rested and grew in Mary for nine months, let Him do the same in you for these life-changing nine months of training, after which, like Mary, you will be prepared to bring Him into the world.