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You don’t need to CHANGE who you are. You need to BECOME who you are.

We hope you enjoyed the retreat, and we pray that it will yield wonderful fruits. Much of what you heard and experienced today will likely take days, months, and even years to unfold as God continues to penetrate your heart with His love and His plan for your life.

Pietra Fitness offers a community of men and women in all seasons of life who want to grow in faith and improve their health. This is tough to do alone. We invite you to learn more about the Pietra Fitness Community as we work on renovating our cathedrals together, and encourage each other in this journey.

Do you have your Becoming 2021 journal? Please PRINT and use as you go through the retreat!

Videos are available until November 12, 2021

Be Nourished & Be Restored!

Becoming 2021 host, Tara White, leads the day. Karen Barbieri is the intro speaker. Be nourished with Tara’s green smoothie. Be Restored with Susan Pieper and Mike Scherschligt.