Everyone is welcome at Pietra Fitness!  Many of our students are not Catholic; they simply love the workouts.  If you are not Catholic and are curious about what to expect in a Pietra Fitness class, you might find the following information helpful:

  • Physically, you can look forward to an hour-long exercise class that stretches, tones, and strengthens your body.  Spiritually, you’ll find prayer and Christianity.
  • We believe in the power of prayer.  Before class, students are invited to briefly share prayer intentions if they would like to do so. This of course is completely voluntary, as some participants prefer to remain quiet and reflective.
  • Every class is rooted in Scripture.  A short verse is read at the beginning and end of class to emphasize a given theme, such as beauty, goodness, truth, etc.
  • The instructor begins and ends class with the Sign of the Cross, as this is our custom in prayer.  Please feel free to begin and end class and prayer in the way that is most comfortable for you.
  • There are no prayers to learn, memorize, or say as a group.  The entire exercise class is solely led by the instructor.
  • An icon (painting) of Christ on the cross is in every class.  This is important because today’s secular culture attempts to remove Christ’s name, image, and influence from everything around us.  In Pietra Fitness, we seek to counter this trend.  In our classes, Christ reigns supreme.  You will see His image.  You will hear His name.  It is our greatest prayer that you feel His love.
  • A particular theme is provided for each workout (i.e. Healing, Joyfulness, Peace, Living in the Present Moment, Trust, etc.) because St. Paul bids us in Philippians 4:18 to focus on that which is true, honorable, just, and pure.   The theme is supported by scripture and a couple short meditations during long stretches.  The meditations may incorporate quotes from the saints (people who have demonstrated a great love for God and lead exemplary lives of virtue).
  •  Near the end of each class, time is given to reflect on the theme while letting the body completely rest and relax.  Sacred music (such as Gregorian chant) enhances this quiet, prayerful time.
  • The instructor will say a short prayer of intercession to conclude the class (such as “Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us”).  Jesus taught us that praying together and for each other is very powerful.  Just as you would ask a friend to pray for you, we ask the saints already in Heaven to pray for us.

We hope there are beautiful elements in each class that resonate with you – whatever your background may be.  In Pietra Fitness, may our kindness and mutual respect for one another be a sign of our love for Christ.