Water is essential for life.

It makes up about 60% of the human person and plays a major role in making sure your body’s systems stay healthy and functioning.

You naturally lose water throughout the day by going to the bathroom or sweating but if you lose more water than you’re taking in, your body can become dehydrated and cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, and mood swings among other health issues.

Follow these five tips to ensure that your body stays happy and hydrated:


1. Start the day off right

Before you reach for your morning coffee, have a glass of water. After not drinking anything for 8 hours, we wake up relatively dehydrated.

Although coffee can help you meet your daily fluid needs, water alone can aid your digestion and metabolism.1 Plus, water can help with overcoming fatigue.

Kicking off your morning by drinking water also builds a healthy habit that can help ensure you get enough water for the rest of the day.


2. Invest in a new water bottle

A reusable water bottle makes it easy and convenient to keep water on hand throughout your day, making it easier to stay hydrated. A reusable water bottle is also cost-effective and can eliminate harmful chemicals (like hormone-disrupting BPA) often found in single-use plastic bottles.2


3. Spice it up

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding a slice of lemon or lime to your drink. Not only does it help make water more appetizing, it also offers some amazing health benefits. Both lemons and limes are rich sources of Vitamin C, other antioxidants, and flavonoids which can improve your overall physical and mental health, and reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and dementia.3

You might also consider using oranges, raspberries, cucumber, basil, or mint to give your water a little bit more interesting flavor.


4. Eat hydrating foods

It’s estimated that 20% of your daily water intake comes from the food you eat. Eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies (and even certain meats) can help you stay hydrated.

Watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and others are not only excellent sources of water, but are also full of vitamins and nutrients important to your overall health.


5. Track your hydration

Using a tracker can help significantly with motivation when it comes to the vital (but sometimes boring) task of drinking water. Seeing hydration as a goal and monitoring your progress can help solidify the action into a strong habit.

While a paper and pen works just fine, you may want to opt for a hydration-tracking app on your smartphone which allows you to keep track of what you’re consuming. Many of these apps will also send you reminders throughout the day to help keep you on track.

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